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Succulent fountains

Have an old fountain that you’d like to breathe new life into? Take inspiration from the guys at Cordova Gardens in Encinitas. They are masterful at arranging succulents! You can try your hand at it- they have a huge selection of succulents of all sizes- or you can take home one of their ready-made arrangemts.        

Completely invasive, completely stunning


Did you know that morning glories can grow a foot a day? Yes, they are absolute stunners, but with growth like that, they just don’t make sense in a residential setting. So don’t be fooled by their beautiful blossoms, stay away from this one! 

Elegant succulent garden

I spend a lot of time telling people that a low-water use garden does not have to be only succulents and cacti. And it doesn’t! In San Diego we are lucky to be able to grow waterwise plants from Mediterranean climates around the world: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Italy, the south of France.    In fact, I think a really great succulent and cactus garden is one of the most difficult to design! Many amateurs who try end up with a messy looking hodgepodge polka-dotted with dozens of different types of plants. The result is anything but beautiful – instead it is often a random, busy, and overwhelming collection of plants, gravel, and rocks. 

Here is an example of one done very well. I found this one in Scripps Ranch but I’m afraid I don’t know the designer. I wish I did! This is one designer I’d definitely like to know.



Floating stairs

I wish I could take some credit for these gorgeous floating concrete stairs, but these were done as part of a remodel before I was lucky enough to be on site. I think these stairs were so well done! The deep cantilever helps aid in the illusion that the stairs are not anchored to the ground in any way, and the acid finish on the concrete is very clean, giving them an almost industrial look. Bravo.