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An expedited plan gets you great design quickly and affordably

This option is our intermediate option, for people who need more than just a consultation but less than a full landscape plan. In this option, we set aside a full twelve hour day for your project, and by the end of that day we deliver a completed plan to you. We call this the 24 hour plan, or the One-Day Plan.

This option has some big benefits:

  • Lower cost: the 24 hour plan is available for $2,000
  • Shorter wait time: we can typically take a 24-hour plan within 3 weeks
  • HOA ready: because it is drawn to scale, your plan will be ready for you to submit to your HOA (if you have one)

But this plan is only suitable for certain projects:

  • Because of the time constraints, we can only do planting, hardscape, and lighting design. This option is not suitable for projects with custom structures such as pools, fireplaces, or patio covers.
  • We will need to learn about your needs and your personal taste very quickly. To help us learn about you, we will ask you to do a bit of homework ahead of time. This won’t be tedious! We will just want you to find images you like and have them ready for us to look over together. We love for this!
  • This option works best for smaller sized lots. If your lot is over 6,000 sq.ft., there is a good chance we won’t be able to get through the design quite so quickly.

How your One-Day will work:

  • A day or two ahead of time, we will come out to measure your property. As long as we are able to access the front and back yards, you do not need to be present for this step, though you are certainly welcome to be present if that makes you more comfortable.
  • On the day itself, we will need you to be available during the “one day” from 8-10am and again from 6-7pm. We will start with a morning meeting where we will go over your desires for the space. Then we will review your “homework” images to make sure we understand your preference and sense of style. Not sure how to do the homework step? No problem- please feel free to call or email us and we will walk you through it.
  • At that point, Kate will leave your property and go back to the office, to get your plan into the computer and drawn out for you. This part of the process will take about eight hours and you do not need to be present or participating for any of this time.
  • Around 6pm, Kate will meet you back at your house with the first draft of your plan in hand. You will spend 1-2 hours with her going over the design and looking at images of plants, materials, and other ideas.
  • After your day, you’ll receive two hours of edits and revisions as part of the One-Day package.

What do they look like? Here are a few examples: