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Great color for your outdoor room: Fermob

Color: I get a little (okay maybe more than a little) tired of neutral colors. There is a lot of beige and grey to be found in your average patio, and it makes me crave color. Of course, I still want the color to be tasteful, so thank goodness for the French outdoor furniture company, Fermob.

This little bistro chair might look dainty, but it is made of solid stuff and will last a lifetime. It is sitting amongst some gorgeous Aeoniums at the outdoor showroom Chickweed (in the Cedros Design District).

Fermob’s metal furniture comes in amazing colors: rich, bright, saturated, bold colors! A bistro set with four chairs and a 30″ table will run you somewhere in the range of $700, so not too prohibitively expensive, and they are perfect for cramped spaces (ie think Parisian cafe).

Oh, and if it doesn’t look comfortable to you, go down to Cedros and try it out. They are amazingly comfortable! And if you need them to, they fold up (even the tables).

Wanna see the colors? I like the idea of mixing and matching. How about a Fyord Blue Table with Storm Grey and Willow Green chairs?

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