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Links to Landscape Contractors, Architects, and outdoor material sources

Just a few of our favorite things…

Contractors and Collaborators

  • Breceda Landscape, Eric and Teran Breceda: full service landscape, hardscape, masonry, structures
  • Blue Pacific Landscape, Dave Debruin: full service landscape, hardscape, masonry
  • Juniper Landscape, Jesse Cryns: full service landscape, hardscape, masonry, structures
  • Andy Rodriguez, Cali General Construction, (760) 670-5751: all sizes of projects, full service general contractor
  • The Pool Doctor, Don Wall: pool construction and renovation
  • San Diego Land Care, Jeff Stapleton: full service landscape, hardscape, masonry
  • McCullough Landscape, Monty McCullough, (858) 504-2883: planting, irrigation, and lighting
  • Blisscape Landscape, Steve Bliss, (619) 993-4137: planting, irrigation, and lighting
  • Michael Taylor, Detailed Landscape: (619) 208-0243: maintenance, planting, irrigation, and lighting
  • Angel Carrasco, Promised Path Landscape: (619) 678-0074 full service landscape, hardscape, irrigation, lighting
  • Sowell Landscape, Gary Sowell: full service landscape, hardscape, masonry, structures
  • JSJ Services, Jason Owens, (619) 212-1346: planting, irrigation, and lighting
  • Questar Pools, Skip Phillips, world-renowned Watershape Designer
  • Plant Soup, Nan Sterman: plant guru and waterwise expert
  • Reyes Architecture, Phil Reyes: contemporary architecture and renovations
  • Oasis Architecture, Mark Morris: contemporary architecture and renovations


Suppliers (Stone, tile, pottery, etc.)