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Outdoor furniture for your Barnwood Modern garden

We’ve all seen it around, but don’t have a name for it yet. It’s a distinct style; it’s very now…. but what do you call it?

It blends Industrial salvage materials with clean modern lines, a few bespoke fixtures blended with some wonderfully rusty antique finds. You’ll see lots of Cor-ten steel and reclaimed barnwood, peeling paint, and lots of succulents. Whenever possible, there will be irony. In San Diego, you’ll see it at Craft and Commerce, the Station, Counterpoint, Bankers Hill. I want it to have a name (why doesn’t it have a name yet?), so I’m going to dub it Barnwood Modern.

Unless you are the type to prowl through Architectural Salvage and Etsy endlessly, it is tough to find fun and funky furnishings for your Barnwood Modern garden. So here are a few to get you started:

1) Vintage Biergarten Tables by Napa Style, $499 each.

2) Fermob Rendez-Vous collection chairs. Fermob is available locally through Chicweed on Cerdros.

3) Tractor Garden Seats, from Napa Style, $129 each

4) Wire planter baskets by A Rustic Garden, $50-$80, and make sure to check out all the other wonderfully rusted things on their website.

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