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A Kate Wiseman design featured in Garden Ideas Magazine

I am very proud and excited to have one of the gardens I designed featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens: Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living magazine.

The focus of the article is using color and texture in the built elements of the garden (as in, the bits that aren’t plants) to give you year round interest. It also has a great how-to section where the homeowner steps you through making your own glass mosaic.

Just a few thank-you’s: I want to thank master photographer Ed Gohlich for his amazing skill behind a camera. I’m pretty sure he could make me believe I wanted to live in every single garden he photographs! I’d also like to thank Andrea Caughey for keeping an eye on me and Andrea Hayday for her very conscientious process. Also thank you to Derby and Catherine Pattengill for being such fun, kind, and creative people.

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