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A really drought tolerant fountain

I came across these wonderful fountains today at Cordova Gardens in Encinitas, and I was so charmed by them, I had to share. Joe Cordova, the nursery’s owner, plants precast concrete fountains with a variety of succulents. The result manages to tread a fine line of being playful and whimsical without being cute or tacky. Generally running from around $500-$1000 (fully planted and including the fountain itself), these would make a wonderful focal point. I feel like they make a very timely statement (almost a pun, really) about conserving water.

Cordova Gardens is also a great place to buy planter pots (in a large variety of styles) and all sizes of succulents. If you want Joe’s artistic touch on a smaller scale, he also sells quite a few pre-planted pots with his iconic blend of succulents.

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