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Arty aeriums

These little aeriums are from Flora Grubb gardens in San Francisco. I love how delicate and whimsical they are, like tiny little worlds you could just stare and stare at. For those of us who don’t live in SF, you can still have them! They are on their web shop (and yes, they are tiny- the largest one is 2.5″ wide by 6″ tall).

Flora has her own rendition of the hanging globe terrarium that you have probably seen with succulents (say, at Mixture in Little Italy or Pigment in North park) only hers is a little more whimsical because she uses Tillandsia (aka Air Plants or Air Bromileads) instead of succulents. It comes as a kit and you place the Tillandsia yourself. Yes, I’d like to have one these! While you are on their web shop, take a look around, ’cause it is crammed with fabulous things.

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