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Classical garden at Ponte Vineyards in Temecula

On a recent visit to Ponte Vineyards in Temecula, California, I was impressed by the restraint used in designing the garden spaces. The palette is minimalist: white flowers, emerald green foliage and a plant list with very little variety. The effect is graceful and elegant, probably very easy to maintain, and a joy to walk through.

Here are the plants I spotted in their minimalist palette: box hedges, white iceberg roses and white flower carpet roses, privet hedges, Italian Cypress, variegated and solid colored Pittosporum tobira, Chinese Elm, Sycamore, White Birch, and (of course) grape vines.

While you are there, make sure to stay for lunch. They have a large outdoor restaurant that is sure to satisfy your foodie leanings.  The fresh chive dip that comes with focaccia bread for dipping is heavenly!

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