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Finally! I found a cobble you can use in a fire pit!

We’ve all seen photos of fire pits filled with beautiful river cobbles. I, for one, love how it looks. But do you know what happens if you actually put river cobble in a fire pit and turn on the flame? The rocks start to heat up, and any little trapped pockets of air inside the stone start to expand, but since they have no where to go, the stones explode! They go off like gunshots and will ricochet around your yard. Seriously.You could hurt someone.

The ones you see in magazines that look so good are probably fake cobbles made out of ceramic. Rasmussen sells them here. But for the longest time, I have been wishing for a real cobble to use in there instead. And these lovely little guys are the solution: Mauna Loa Black Lava cobbles from Southwest Boulder and Stone. You just can’t hurt lava with fire.

As an extra bonus, they are full of tiny holes that help to diffuse the gas so the flame looks much more natural. A win win.