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Getting the planting “blues”

Blue or blue-green foliage is incredibly soothing to the eye. Adding even a hint of it to a garden can create a zen-like, peaceful, or meditative quality. It is especially beautiful in modern designs, near the ocean, or in designs focused on creating a calming effect. Try pairing it with orange or terra-cotta colored outdoor cushions for a nice contrast, or sea-green colors to point out the similarity. Adding a few green-green foliage shrubs will also make the distinction more noticeable.

Above are a few of our favorite blues: Echevaria elegans (Hen and Chicks), Helichotrichon sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass), Festuca ovina glauca (Blue Fescue), Dianella ‘Baby Bliss’, and Callistemon ‘Little John (Dwarf Bottlebrush).

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