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Landscaping goes vertical

Vertical Gardens, Living Walls, or Green Walls are all used to describe a fascinating facade of plants applied in the vertical. Many give credit for inventing the art form to French designer Patrick Blanc, but it has proliferated all over the world, especially in urban areas.

Methods for creating vertical gardens vary quite a bit, from full planter pot wall systems, to a smaller scale technique of miniature bag-like plant pockets.

For a dry climate garden, a living wall can be created out of small scale succulents or grasses. A well designed vertical garden can recirculate the water, making it a water efficient way to have a very lush (and very narrow) space. Here are a few examples of living walls from around the world for inspiration:

(Top three examples) Patrick Blanc

Fourth example: Vertical Gardens, Bangkok, Thailand

Fifth example: local designer Amelia Lima

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