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Modern landscape design in Cardiff

I came across this landscape in the back streets of Cardiff and it is everything I love about an artistic and modern succulent garden:
– It embraces color with large mass plantings that catch your eye.
– It has variety without having too much variety.
– It pairs fascinating colors and textures so that you want to stare at it for hours.
– It is also immaculately cared for.

I do not know who the designer was on this one so if anyone knows, please comment on this post and I’ll share it.

Here are some of the plants you can see in these two photos:
(Upper) Red: Leucodendron ‘Safari Sunset’, Ice Blue groundcover: Scenecio mandralascae, pale green groundcover: Scenecio serpens, background blue cacti: Agave americana
(Lower) Tree: Dracaena draco, grey grass: Festuca ovina glauca, orange: Euphorbia ‘Sticks on Fire’

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