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Modern outdoor living space, perfected

I love this garden.

Really, love it.

I almost don’t want to say any more about it, because I don’t want to spoil how wonderful it is. (But that wouldn’t really be like me, would it?) Simple, approachable, clean. I love the small scaled pool with its single scupper fountain. I love the fire pit. I love the floating bench, and the wide stair, and the repeating rectangular stepstones. And is that a live oak in the left side of the photo? I hope so, because that would be just right.

Unlike some modern designs, I could actually imagine living in this space without worrying about leaving smudges of imperfection in my wake. It is by Huettl  Landscape Architecture of Walnut Creek, California and please make sure to spend a whole lot of time on their website browsing through their sigh-worthy, lovely gardens. Modern landscape design, but for real people. What a concept! I love it.

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