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My favorite source for boulders just got closer to home

My long-standing favorite source for rock and boulders, Southwest Boulder and Stone, has just opened a brand new stone yard right here in the center of the city. Here is their new address, just across the Five from Pacific Beach:

4770 Santa Fe St. San Diego CA 92109 (619) 331-3120‎

Here are a few reasons that I love these guys:

1) They have the best selection of boulders in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Most other stoneyards in town have one or two color options. These guys have twenty.
2) They have a wider selection of flagstone, too. Lots of interesting colors and textures; not just the usual stuff you see everywhere (I’m sick of Arizona Buff flagstone, aren’t you?)
3) They have better river cobble and pebble, at least twenty different colors to chose from.
4) They are a family owned business with great customer service and a good attitude. Working with them, you will be supporting a local business and you’ll get a much more personal experience.
5) With them, I can pull that thing that designers do…. I can call them up and say something like, “I need a ledgestone with some mint green, grey, and olive colors to it… can you get me something like that?” and they can. It’s lovely.

So if you haven’t been to their yard because it used to take a 40 minute drive to get there, now is your chance! Stop in and take a look. You’ll be glad you did.

The photo attached shows their beautiful ‘Desert Marble’ boulders. Up close, they have wonderful swirls and striations!

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