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Playful Driveway

IMG_5588I was driving through a new development in the North county and ran across this playful driveway. I don’t know if I love it . My thoughts.

What is attractive to me:

It is bold. 3 different color concrete pours in a rectilinear pattern that is both clean and complicated.

The pattern integrates into the path to the front door.  Integration is good.

Dymondia, the drought tolerant ground cover darling of the contemporary landscape.

Where it falls short for me:

Maintenance. How can we make a driveway complicated for the sake of complication. (see photo)

Aesthetic dis-agreement. It feels like a modern detail thrust into a traditional design.

Forced. Although the path is integrated into a ‘pattern’ the ‘pattern’ seems to fall apart after the walkway to the front door.

Some other thoughts:

I am always excited about new ideas, techniques and applications in design, and this was something I had not seen in this particular application before. Good or bad it was definitely statement.

I’d love to know what you all think.