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Selecting outdoor planter pots: Campania

In the world of planter pots, and especially precast concrete planters, there is a little bit of nice out there…. and a whole lot of ugly. Most of the concrete fountains that I see are so horrible and trite that I am shocked anyone buys them (or sells them)!

So when I find a reliable gem out there, I just have to pass it on, and there is one company that I feel like is a much needed exception to the rule: Campania International.

Their fountains and pots are surprisingly tasteful and they have a such a wide selection that I can almost always find one that is the style I need, whether my project is Mediterranean or Modern. In San Diego, there are a few dealers, but I like to work with Column One. Restoration Hardware often has a few of their fountains for sale (in fact if you see a concrete fountain on their website, it is most likely made by Campania).

For your viewing pleasure, here is a selection of their fountains and pots:

From top to bottom they are:

1. Echo Fountain. This fountain is lovely for a transitional design that is a little bit Mediterranean but a little bit Modern with a clean aesthetic, and it fits in tight spaces that need a vertical element. Think of flanking a doorway or gate with two of these.
2. Alandra Jar. I love the glaze and shape of this jar. It makes a great fountain centerpeice or works well on top of a short column.
3. Arabesque Window Boxes. These are perfect for a Moroccan design or a very Classic one.
4. Sarinac Planter. This one is a perfect Modern Minimalist planter. I think it might also make a nice small fire pit.
5. Williamsburg Absett Hall Urn. There is something about the egg shape of this planter that I adore. This is perfect for a Colonial look. Place one on either side of a Chippendale Bench or try them on top of two short brick columns for a grand entry.
6. X-3 Fountain. There are not a lot of pre-made fountain that can hold there own in a very Modern landscape design, but this one can (obviously skipping the silly little dove accents). Its smooth lines and bold shape make it a statement piece at a fraction of the cost of a custom fountain.
7. Andalusia Wall Fountain. Precast concrete wall fountains tend to take my top prize for horribly ugly, but not this one! It wins me over by keeping it simple. This would work with an Italian landscape, or a French Provincial one.
8. Lerida Bowl. I adore how wonderfully aged this bowl looks. It looks like it has been out in the elements for a lifetime. This one is in their Aged Limestone finish, which helps contribute to this look.

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