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Small fountains are waterwise, continued

In my on-going defense of small fountains as a reasonable use of water in the landscape, I’d like to share another resource with such a huge selection that it is certainly worth a look: Kinetic Fountains. This little fountain, their Chiyoko fountain, was on page 8 of too-many-pages-to-count, so don’t give up if you don’t find something you like on page 1. By now you probably all know my love of clean-lined modern shapes, and this little guy would fit in fabulously in a modern or mid-century style garden.

Or try these links for a French garden, a Tuscan garden, or an English garden.

Plus, how can we not like them? They nominated us for their Kinetic Spotlight as a best garden blog! Some of my favorite garden websites are already up there, like Dave’s Garden, so make sure to take a look. Here is our little spotlight award (yay!):

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