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Solar Path Light

Currently, most solar garden lights are gawky and awkward, shaped like their predecessors but with a small photovoltaic glued on top. Add to that the fact that they cast a dim glow for a few hours after sunset (at best), and I find myself talking clients into a hard-wired low voltage outdoor lighting system instead. So when I came across this prototype for a solar garden light, I was excited that a designer was finally heading in a new direction.

These fixtures, by designer Damian O’Sullivan, were displayed in the New York MoMA until May 2008. (I came across them on the Sietch Blog). He calls them the Solar Lampion. His exhibition focused on design’s reaction to changes in technology and science. Hopefully, this is one case where art will inspire a change in product design and put an end to those gawky awkward lights we have all gotten too used to seeing.

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