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Why high contrast is bad

I have two things to say about this photo:

1) High contrast is bad far more often than it is good. Go for subtle- these folks should have.

2) Don’t make your driveway the most decorative part of your front yard. It is there for a utilitarian purpose. It doesn’t add curb appeal or encourage guests to come to your front door. It isn’t pretty and your best bet is to play it down, not play it up. This is what happens when you play it up. It is bad.

All that aside, the concrete for this driveway was poured by my good friend and concrete Guru, Dave Rogers of HCWI concrete. He didn’t have anything to do with the terrible aesthetics, but I can say with all confidence, that driveway is well poured ’cause Dave poured it. If you need concrete and you need it done flawlessly, he’s your man. Seriously, go take a look at his website.

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