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Bonfire logs- great idea or just a little odd?

This is about as simple as a fire pit can get! It only takes one match starts the bonfire log burning, and then you have a perfect focal point for your winter garden party.

I saw one recently in the Netherlands, and I’ll admit I was fascinated. It mostly smoldered, but looked wonderful out a large window and the smell was amazing! Also, there is something perplexing, in a fun way, about just setting a piece of wood on the patio to burn. Maybe I’m just too much of a San Diego kid, and oversensitive about fire, but I still can’t decide if these are a great idea… or a terrible one. What do you think?

This one is easy to get- it is from Terrain. And, at $28, it would make a fun and unique Christmas gift, maybe for your Dad (isn’t he the one who is always impossible to find a gift for?) or your Grandpa.