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Geraniums are great color for a hot spot in your garden

Pelargoniums are ivy-leafed geraniums. It is a misnomer since they aren’t actually related to geraniums at all,View full post »

Sunset’s Lose the Lawn provides inspiration

Want to get rid of your lawn but not sure what other options there are? Sunset magazine’s article ‘Lose theView full post »

Reduce water without compromising style

Xeriscaping has the reputation of being wild looking, but a few classic types of landscape designs have always beenView full post »

Local waterwise garden

If you haven’t already taken a trip to the Cuyamaca College Water Conservation Garden, it is well worth a visit.View full post »

Small fountains for dry gardens

Lately fountains have been getting a bad reputation as water guzzlers, but a small fountain can add life, sound, andView full post »

What to replace your lawn with

We liked this article from Earth Easy so much, we wanted to publish it in its entirety: What to replace the lawn with AView full post »

Fake shakes

I typically steer clients away from products that are man-made reproductions because they mostly don’t come closeView full post »

How to un-slip slippery tile

Since outdoor tile and stone can become very slippery when it rains, I like to use a micro-etcher on any honed naturalView full post »

No longer astroturf but…..

In the search to save water a lot of people have been deciding to put in artificial turf. Hundreds of companies haveView full post »

Pseudo- English gardening

A lot of people love the English Garden style with its colorful perennial borders and boisterous flowers, but a typicalView full post »

Why so grey?

A lot of my clients ask me if there is a way to tell whether or not a plant is drought tolerant just by looking at it.View full post »

Cost Saving Water Saving techniques

I have started to get a lot of questions (finally!) about how people can save water in their yards. Now my favoriteView full post »

Glass tile

One of the current trends in swimming pool design is the use of glass tile. The industry has burgeoned over the last fewView full post »

March garden design tips

Next month is the Coronado Flower show. For weeks, homeowners in Coronado have been sprucing up their front yards withView full post »