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Peonies! Summer is here!

In San Diego, we can’t grow Peony, not in most of San Diego, at least. Well actually, I’ve heard rumors that we can grow some very special varieties that can take our mild weather and lack of cold, but I still have yet to see one in real life thriving in a garden here (hint, hint: for anyone who has tried and succeeded- I want to know about it!). So instead, we have to make do with the few that make it here as cut flowers.

Aren’t they just gorgeous?! So elegant, soft, papery, and just downright summery. They make me want to put on a tea dress and picnic on the lawn. I wish mine would last and last, but like summer, they are so fleeting.

So, for all of you East Coasters and Mid-Westerners who envy our long gentle summers here, just know that there is at least one San Diegan envying your Peonies. Oh, and your lilacs, but that is a whole other rant!

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