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Water Authority uses headquarters as an example garden

We have all heard of the Sunroad building- it lives in infamy in San Diego as the building that had four stories lopped off of the top of it. Hidden in a commercial/industrial area behind Sunroad on Tech Way is the San Diego County Water Authority Building. They have used their street frontage to set a stunning example of how drought tolerant landscaping can be appropraitely adapted for a large civic campus.

The landscaping combines succulents and cacti with unique planting choices like Junipers, Westringia, and Blue Palms. The effect is a wonderful display of color all year. These plants are low maintenance, easy care plants that would work just as well is a residential garden.

Here are a few of the varieties they used: Scenecio mandralascae (Blue Chalksticks), Agaves including Agave americana and Agave attenuata, Euphorbia ‘Sticks on Fire’, Westringia ‘Morning Light’, Callistemon ‘Little John’, and Brahea armata.

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