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Updated Spanish steps - CopyIt’s no secret I am obsessed with tile. Honestly though with all the options out there, how could I not be? These hand painted tiles from Fireclay tile can be specified with whatever color combination you would like. Which is a great way to bring a more modern twist to the classical theme of painted tiles and brick. I also love the look of alternating brick on every other step riser creating these punctuated bands of color against the classic white stucco. Buen trabajo! - Copy

Living stone wall

island stone crescent interlock cladding

How can you not love this wall?

I am always looking for great new textures to make vertical surfaces more interesting, which is why I really love this weaving stone cladding from Island Stone.  By using wedge shaped veneer pieces they have created a cladding that really brings life to an ordinarily flat surface.  It really seems to move in and out and change in front of your eyes.  It’s just one of those materials that you can’t help but want to touch.

Can’t wait to use it in a water feature.

Modern outdoor furniture

modern outdoor furniture

What do you think, awesome or just odd? This outdoor sofa, chair, and coffee table is part of the Stones Collection, and I’m leaning towards awesome. Of course, I’m not sure if I’d want my outdoor furniture to be cooler than I am…

Modern outdoor umbrella


I love it when genius meets gorgeous. Really, that’s pretty much my favorite thing.

This is one of those times: a beautifully designed modern outdoor umbrella that opens like a fan. No more struggling to lift open the typical umbrella, because it sweeps closed instead. And, well,  just look at it! Lovely.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg- almost everything made by Extremis is worth a closer look. Check out their website here.

Lovely plant combination

I am loving this plant combination: Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ (the feathery tall grass), with Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ (the low pink flowers, can you believe it is a succulent?). Both show their best sides in the fall. Links to the photos: (top) and (bottom).

plant combinations