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Is there anybody out there?

So I realize that a lot of the hits I get on my blog aren’t actually real people, they are little “robots”, programs designed by the search engines to troll websites and rank them. I’m glad those robots look at my blog. But, I suspect that some of you are actually real people, and I’d be so much more excited if real people were reading this…. You are real, aren’t you?

I’d love to know who you are, and more than that, I’d love to know what you want to know about!

I’m an obsessive reader of and on there they have a weekly advice column. Would you guys be interested in the garden design advice column? As in, you send me your garden questions and I’ll answer them… what do you think?

Do you like some of my articles but hate others? Maybe there is something you wish I’d touch on… if so, write a comment! Ask and you shall receive!

Or just write me a comment and introduce yourself. Are you a fellow designer? If so, I want to see your website! Are you a homeowner looking for ideas to implement in your own garden? I could write more about do-it-yourself projects. Are you in San Diego and hoping to learn more about what grows here, or where to buy pottery, or how to find a contractor? Let me know that and I’ll get you answers! Want to see what I am working on? I can show before and afters. Right now I’m working on a design in google’s 3-D drawing program, sketchup, wanna see it?

Its a lonely word blogging for the robots. If there are real people out there, say ‘hello’ and it’ll make my day. Tell me something about who you are and it’ll make my week!

By the way, the awesome metal grate in this photo is from a design by Jeffrey Gordon Smith, who I stalk… well, I stalk photos of his designs I should say.  I think the grate might be made by Iron Age Designs.

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