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What was your first garden?

My road to becoming a landscape designer in San Diego was a long and twisted one. It all started with a little plot in my parent’s backyard that I could make my own. I planted it with purple perennials- I remember foxgloves and columbines- and I was oh-so-proud of it!

Sadly, it didn’t last long. We had the trees above my plot trimmed and all the branches fell on my little garden and smashed it. I was so sad to see my cheerful little columbines squished! To this day, foxgloves and columbines are still some of my favorite perennials.

Since then, I’ve had many gardens and many triumphs and defeats. I live in a condo now, so my garden is all in pots on my balcony. Wanna see? I’ll write an article about them soon!

So, I want to know, what was your first garden? Did someone teach you to garden or did you strike out on your own? Do you have a green thumb?

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