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Lawnless in South Park

This garden is hands-down the most gossiped about front yard in my neighborhood. It was designed by Kendra Berger at Revive Landscape Design and was installed about a year ago. I love how much it varies from the expected in almost every way: color, texture, and a complete lack of a front lawn (I especially like this last bit).

I’m sure you all know by now about my obsession with blue-green and blue-grey foliage, and this garden uses them in abundance: two different types of Scenecio, dymondia, Dasilyrion, and Festuca ovina glauca.

And she plays another of my favorite games: she adds splashes of burgundy for contrast: the flowers of kangaroo paws (maybe Anigozanthos ‘Big Red’?), New Zealand Flax, and a few things in the Protea family (looks to me like Leucondendron ‘Safari Sunset’). Some other plants she uses that I love: Aeoniums (maybe Aeonium ‘Cyclops’?), Pittosporum crassifolium nana, and the little weeping tree Leptospermum laevegatum.

I wonder what the back yard looks like…..

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