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Nice things to add to your outdoor design

I don’t think I have ever done a write-up on Kate Presents of an online retailer just because I like them, so here is a first for me. I keep finding nice little things on the Ballard Designs website. I wouldn’t call it especially fancy, but whoever does their buying for them just has nice taste, and the prices are very reasonable.

Here are a few of their products that I thought were worth a second look (photos above): a screen that seems like it would be great for hiding things like ugly AC units ($249), mock Toulon planters (the large one is $149 compared to authentic imports for more like $600 a peice), a cute and simple fire feature that runs off propane canisters ($399), and their armillary sphere ($149: not bad at all for a peice of outdoor art that is actually tasteful).

And they have a small but nice selection of outdoor furniture. This set, including all 7 peices, is just a little over $1,000. That isn’t easy to find, and it especially is tough to find if you want a more traditional look. So if that is your style, they are a great place to start! (For inexpensive furniture with more of an earthy look, I start with Cost Plus, but they only have outdoor furniture in the spring and summer. Target can also have some good options).
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