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Michelle Obama tours San Diego community garden

This month Michelle Obama took time during her trip to San Diego to visit the New Roots community garden in City Heights, as a step in her effort to fight childhood obesity. She made the point that increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables in some of our urban communities could help slow the increases in diabetes and heart disease in urban areas, and community gardens are an excellent resource in that fight. (Photo by Howard Lipin – Union-Tribune). Here is a link to the article in the Union Tribune.

Want to find a community garden close to you? Here is a listing of the community gardens in San Diego, but most of the gardens are full with waiting lists. Sounds to me like more community gardens in our urban areas are in order… after all you can’t argue the merits of locally grown fruits and vegetables, and the sense of community that can crystallize around one of these gardens is also an undeniably good thing. Are you a fan of your local community garden, or do you know if any of them have space available? Post a comment and I’ll spread the word!

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