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The Hanging Gardens of Adams Ave

After two years of loyal service, our hanging terrariums here at the Sage offices were in need if aView full post »

Lawnless front yards part one

 One of the questions I get most often is how to pull off the front yard with no lawn. A lot of people love the ideaView full post »

Crane day!

 Who says rocks can’t fly?  The crane drivers at Southwest Boulder and Stone are magiciansView full post »

Outdoor daybeds: a hot trend in outdoor living

I’m a big book nerd and love to read for hours on end, so to me an outdoor daybed sounds like a dream come true. IView full post »

I love selecting boulders

When it comes to choosing boulders, my favorite place by far is Southwest Boulder & Stone. Don’t be fooled byView full post »

Simple modern plant combination

I came across this plant combination at UTC and I love how simple it is: Dianella tasmanica variegata with DianellaView full post »

Practice safe design…

This is the time of year that I think of as my teaching season (I am honored to be able to teach design classes with theView full post »

Sweeps of Texture

Both soothing and cohesive. These simple sweeps of soft shrubs really compliment the angular nature of theView full post »

Updated Spanish steps

It’s no secret I am obsessed with tile. Honestly though with all the options out there, how could I not beView full post »

Living stone wall

How can you not love this wall? I am always looking for great new textures to make vertical surfaces more interesting,View full post »

Modern outdoor furniture

What do you think, awesome or just odd? This outdoor sofa, chair, and coffee table is part of the Stones Collection, andView full post »

Modern outdoor umbrella

I love it when genius meets gorgeous. Really, that’s pretty much my favorite thing. This is one of those times: aView full post »

Lovely plant combination

I am loving this plant combination: Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ (the feathery tall grass), with Sedum &#View full post »

Only in California gardens do we care about shade in the winter

Even if your house is fairly traditional, you can still consider canvas as an option for shade outdoors. Shade sails,View full post »

Trends in water features

In the hectic, overstimulated, digital lives we lead these days, I have noticed more of my clients are craving serenityView full post »