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Is there anybody out there?

So I realize that a lot of the hits I get on my blog aren’t actually real people, they are little “robots&#View full post »

Modern pottery in San Diego? Yep, at Grounded

San Diego has a pottery problem. We have plenty of places where you can get imported pots from China and Vietnam, butView full post »

Modern design for your garden: plant spheres

There is something about a perfect sphere: so geometric, so clean, so mathematical, so sculptural. They can’t helpView full post »

Modern garden design using ornamantal grasses

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a tour of the wonderful ornamental grass nursery, Green Meadow Growers, where I wasView full post »

Arabian lilac, a garden gem

Arabian Lilac, it even sounds like a gem, doesn’t it? Here is why the designer side of me loves this plant: it hasView full post »

Looking for something a little earthy?

I have always thought of Cepac tile as a company that made tile for commercial and institutional installations, so IView full post »

Like nature intended- Anthony Archer Wills

I’m going to tell you something absolutely unbelievable:  the stream in this photo is man-made. Really. It wasView full post »

White gravel: not your grandma’s garden

Please don’t do this…. In a wonderful rant on Apartment Therapy this week, I came across Master gardener andView full post »

Urban gardens, done so well it’s urbane

Every once in a while, I stumble on a design firm that just stops me in my tracks, and I find myself digging throughView full post »

Water slides: please don’t do this

On Kate Presents, I try to make an effort to stay positive, so I don’t usually post very often about things that IView full post »

A cool look for summer

This photo was my inspiration for the day, so I thought I’d share it with you all to see what you think of it.View full post »

Gardening in the nooks and crannies

I don’t know how many of you know this, but I am an urban dweller….. I live in a condo. But, gasp, how can aView full post »

Outdoor fireplace for a small garden

I came across this image of a outdoor fireplace by Scot Eckley serving double duty as a privacy wall. For a small urbanView full post »

Modern swimming pool (or just another teal moment)

You all know about my current obsession with teal. (Yes, I know it is a problem. Let me know if it has grown intoView full post »

Garden Brights: this season’s trend is bright color

Summer is coming and this year there is an exuberance in the air. Maybe the economy is finally easing up a bit and we&#View full post »