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Trends in water features

In the hectic, overstimulated, digital lives we lead these days, I have noticed more of my clients are craving serenityView full post »

Rebelling against authority

I did my Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, and they had a saying there, “EmbraceView full post »

So many of the things I love in one image

1. This is a photo from the EcoSmart Fire website, and if you haven’t been to their site, go there now. They areView full post »

Where does the inside stop and the outside begin?

We talk a lot about connecting the inside spaces with the outdoor living spaces, but rarely do you see it done soView full post »

Gorgeous daybed

If I owned a hotel in Palm Springs, this is what I’d put around the pool. This style of daybed is usuallyView full post »

The outdoor pouf… a grown-up’s bean bag chair

I’m newly obsessed with outdoor poufs. They are so multi-purposse: ottomans, side tables, casual seating, or aView full post »

Why don’t we do this at home?

I’m a big fan of lazing around on a Saturday morning with a cup of tea and a good book. Because of that, I haveView full post »

Sage website updated with new photos

I got a new batch of project photos back from my photographer, Ed Gohlich, who I can’t recommend highly enough. IView full post »

Would you stay in this hotel?

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for adaptive reuse. What do you think of this German hotel where the cottagesView full post »

A dazzling plant you’ve never seen before

  This, my friends, is Grevillea ‘Long John’. I’m very excited to introduce you to him because thereView full post »

Sneak peak: Santa Luz residence

  Do you have a home with one of those covered patio areas that seems to small to be useful for anything? How aboutView full post »

Modern minimalism in the desert: Amangiri resort

I am completely blown away by the design of this place! This is everything I love in one design: integration with theView full post »

Fun with modern hanging glass planters

Some eye candy for today, thanks to my fabulous landlord Lorrie Webb: this dreamlike arrangement of hanging glassView full post »

Porcelanosa: modern tile with a European flair

I find something particularly fascinating about tiles that have a tactile quality to them (if I was being snotty, I&#View full post »

Finally! I found a cobble you can use in a fire pit!

We’ve all seen photos of fire pits filled with beautiful river cobbles. I, for one, love how it looks. But do youView full post »