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Decorating for the holidays with plants

Holiday party coming up? I love the idea of decorating your front entry with plants- it is cheerful and tasteful, andView full post »

Bonfire logs- great idea or just a little odd?

This is about as simple as a fire pit can get! It only takes one match starts the bonfire log burning, and then you haveView full post »

Christmas gift for that quirky Modernist you love

This is the stylish hanging Orbit planter designed by Potted. They have it planted with a mop head of Carex glauca, butView full post »

Moon Gates

I have a bit of a thing for anything circular, so I have always been fascinated by traditional Chinese Moon Gates. ThisView full post »

Mid-Century Modern Christmas present for that hipster you love

Meet the Jack-Be-Little planter. It is small, fabulously colorful, very Mid-Century, and ever so hip. It comes in a richView full post »

How to select materials to create a design aesthetic

I am very excited to get a chance to teach a course through the Genesis 3 program this March (the 7th and 8th) at theView full post »

Genesis 3 education program in Nordhorn, Germany

I am so proud to have been involved with the Genesis 3 education program in Nordhorn, Germany, sponsored by RivieraView full post »

Hanging globe terrariums

Yes, I know these are trendy, and I usually try not to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else, but this time I justView full post »

Mid-Century Modern Planters by Steel Life

If, like me, you are a little obsessed with Mid-Century modern, I think you’ll love these planters by Steel Life!View full post »

Modern barbecue island (outdoor kitchen)

 I have designed quite a few outdoor kitchens, and I will admit that I have my own favorites amongst them. This is oneView full post »

Do you use Pinterest?

I stumbled upon Pinterest fairly recently, and I will admit that at first I thought it was silly. Pinterest is a way toView full post »

Do you take your work home with you?

I think that everyone imagines that a landscape designer probably has a huge garden just bursting with plants. Some do,View full post »

What was your first garden?

My road to becoming a landscape designer in San Diego was a long and twisted one. It all started with a little plot inView full post »

Is there anybody out there?

So I realize that a lot of the hits I get on my blog aren’t actually real people, they are little “robots&#View full post »

Modern pottery in San Diego? Yep, at Grounded

San Diego has a pottery problem. We have plenty of places where you can get imported pots from China and Vietnam, butView full post »